Welcome to Youtica… a place to share ideas, initiatives and events happening in the Mohawk Valley that deserve to be heard. It’s a place to connect with REAL people and groups who are doing interesting things and making our area a better place to live. It’s a place where you can help others by volunteering your time, talent or treasure to develop and deliver new ideas.


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Find common interests and meet new friends in the groups. All you need is a Facebook or Twitter account. Friend up peopole with common interests and post short ideas, questions or thoughts to your Wall.


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Use the group forums to post ideas or interests you have, and have others chime in with their own ideas on how to develop and deliver them to our community. Get involved with local projects and initiatives by the people who want to make them happen.


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Youtica is a community of people who are committed to action. Get involved with someone else’s project. Challenge yourself. Share projects and success stories with your own social networks or be featured on our blog



Share you success stories, challenges and update your progress on the site to let others learn from your project or invite suggestions to make it even better!

Recent Stories

  1. Youtica Admin

    YouticaEATS Featured Projects

    We’re really excited for next week’s YouticaEATS event (a small amount of tickets are still available)! By popular request, here is a list of the projects that will be pitched at the event. These projects where chosen by our committee from all the submissions and each will have 5 minutes...
  2. Youtica Admin

    Imagining Utica: Survey Results Recap

    Thanks to everyone who came and participated in our roundtable discussion with John Zogby.There were some great ideas brought forth regarding this survey and future questions and we’re excited to keep the conversation going. Below, please find the full length video of Mr. Zogby’s presentation and also the discussion that...


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